Academic Affairs

Main goal of academic policy regulation department:

The main goal will be focus to improve content, method and technology of training and quality of training curriculum, providing activity to serve for students and training, to implement perspective and mission of the National Institute of Physical Education.

The main role of academic policy regulation department:

It will be to lead planning activities adjusting the organizing issues and curriculum of teaching to certain requirements to control, to organize training and Scientific Work in the policy level to be the leading the decision of director’s council, scientific council and board members of the National Institute of Physical Education.

It has been implementing the activities as below:

  • To organize renewing activities, to be follow the rules creating curriculum with teachers
  • To control the implement and creation of curriculum
  • To check the implement of curriculum every term and to correct the fault
  • To reform in the training according to reform of higher education, to intensify the training activity
  • To be responsible to publish student’s guide book every year
  • To control creating a handbook and a poop-sheet involved in methodology and training
  • To keep student’s documents, references, marks and movement according to rules involved in students of the NIPE

We are working to organize the activity to be them in level of standard, to release numbers of enrolling students to count the capacity of lesson cabinet and laboratory of the training.

Academic policy regulation department will work to be attention to upgrade their knowledge and education to provide interests of student to cooperate with Government and Non-Government Organizations, National Accreditation Council, State Training Foundation and Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

Tsogoo.J. associate prof.

Academic Policy Regulation Department Director


Manager of Academic Policy Regulation Department


Manager of Academic Policy Regulation Department

Zoljargal. E

Office clerk of Manager of Academic Police Regulation Department