Bachelor Program Unit

The National Institute of Physical Education works according to “The Training Program” which was approved by Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Compulsory and additional lesson’s lists, order and lesson’s hour is in the training program. 

The major program to grant degree of professional education:

        Major program
Students of Institute would like to graduate with bachelor degree to qualify the certain profession. If the students fulfill the goal, the diploma with bachelor degree will be granted to him. Student’s chosen professional lessons, their assessments, credit and average marks will be written on the appendix to diploma. So students must study to choose their own profession according to their interest and level of knowledge and their needs. When the students register to the academic affairs first time, they must choose their own profession. When they choose their own profession, they have to be attention following things. These are: 
          -Own interest
          -Level of knowledge
          -The sector and organization which you would like to work after graduating institute
          -Condition of the position
          -The organization that is responsibility of your tuition fee
          -Demand of person etc,
We are implementing the major training program of the following professions to grant bachelor degree. These are:
           -Teacher and Physical Education
           -Sports Coach /all kinds of sports/
           -Methodologist of Treatment and Physical Education
           -Sports Management
           -Tourism Management
Additional majoring /qualification/:
The National Institute of Physical Education is going to preparing specialists with bachelor degree by the following professions. These are:
           – Coach of Athletics
           – Coach of Wrestling
           – Coach of sport game such as basketball, volleyball, football and handball
           – Physical education, treatment methodologist 
Bachelor program unit and class teachers are going to explain in detail the structure of the training program during the lesson for the students. If the students study fully following subjects successfully, they will graduate with bachelor degree.