Exchange student

Our scholars and students are studying abroad for scholarships and educational institutions.
• ÜBTDS Director L.Altantsetseg attended Dr. BTSZAJ degree doctoral school in Russia in 2015, the first          female to be a Ph.D. Mongolian national sports.
• Biochemistry teacher L. Gundegmaa is studying at Lomonosov monthly Moscow 5000 RUBE Institute of       Moscow State University.
• Wrestling Trainer In 2007, TS learned the United States Kloroda Springs city center Russian director of the    Olympic wrestling best course.
• Teacher D.Ölziijargal PhD course at the 2014 International Olympic Committee is sitting 45 days in the            village training in Olympia, Greece.
  Wool Peak Ayerobik Situated in Gymnastics Level 1 received an official certification workshop – • Indonesia    2014 Ayerobik athletic trainer hosted by the “World Gymnastics Federation” in E.Munkh.
• Mongolian history going to attend doctoral degree at Inner Mongolian University of China. Teacher of            Ü.Mönkhdagva of school year 2015-2016.
• All scholarships are for Japanese students at Nittai E.Zoljargal in the school year “2012-2013” of the “JASSO” University with a yearly study of 80,000 yen.
• Student R. Zolraman is studying at Boxing Coach III course with a monthly allowance of 1500 rubles at the    University of the Russian Federation.