Founder’s Greetings

Founder’s Greetings

Mongolia circulated into Marketing Society from 1990 and so Private Schools found at the education sector. It seems that our idea has been supported to establish the Institute for preparing the specialists who have higher education, learned theory, methodology and knowledge of great sport and national sport at the Physical Education and Sport Sector. Our school has been for 20 years and it was accredited by Higher Education’s Accrediting National Council. 

The National Institute of Physical Education was graduated about 3000 graduators who have bachelor and master degrees by the profession of physical education teacher and coach, methodologist of treatment and physical education during last 20 years. The NIPE created the training system connected with Mongolian national historical tradition with modern great sports training technology and in the training program we included in ‘National Sport’ lesson. Thus, we have been teaching the heritage of selective training technologies with regime of training and coaching, arrangement and moral, discipline of The National Sport blending with modern basic lessons of the kind of sport science.  

Our school is performing the training at the gym such as wrestling, fitness, gymnastic and sport games according to Mongolian education standard. We could provide necessary equipment and supplies in the physical education and sport training and it is good effective for students to achieve a success by a certain sport. The gym, club, cabinet of lecture and laboratories are focused on providing possibility to achieve a success in a certain sport which the students chose. And these are focused on summarizing physical education and sport training based on science to give a chance, summarize, to check in the readiness activity, physical advancement, training, technic and tactical mastery and sports mastery. We provide possibility to implement in every day activities of the training and coaching of teacher, coach and student athletes to receive much information about how level success of the foreign athletes is that we were competing last year and which countries athletes are appearing newly at every sports category to the athlete students of our school to know previously about where and what competition of International Sports Federation and Sports Organization will held according to plan of sport searching how foreign best athletes is participating in Olympic Game, World and Continent Championships and the international competitions and comparing with own school’s training characteristics. During this time, we are cooperating with foreign sports universities and International Organizations to set a goal to be reach the training activities to prepare the specialists who have high education in the International level. The teachers of the NIPE gave to the Millennium Challenge Account Mongolia, the Authority of Physical Education and Sport and Ministry of Health to implement the projects successfully such as “The modern approaching of the physical development of children, teenagers and youth: The condition of ecology and ethnogenetics ” /Sponsor organization: The University named after Lomnosovo, Moscow, Russia/, Searching on disturbing difficulty to be consumption the active exercising for all /Ministry of Health, Millennium Challenge Account America/ and Main Training Program  to improve the Profession of Physical Education teachers /Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and Education Academy/ implementing within the urgent issue in the Physical Education, Health and Education sector. As well, we participated to be joined together when the named teachers and scientists created the training program of physical education of the secondary school and Altantsetseg.L, PhD, Prof, vice-director of the NIPE, worked as a supervisor of the expert of these programs.   

The scientists of our school created new methodology of the coaching to achieve a high success preparing the athletes of Mongolia at the competitions of Universiad, World, Continent Championships and Olympic Games and many athletes trained with this way and a number of athletes and coaches became Olympic Champion, World Champion, Continent Champion, The heroin of the labor, The honored athletes and coaches. During 20 years, The National Institute of Physical education was graduated about 2700 graduators by bachelor, 105 graduates by evening class, over 130 graduates by master program. Totally, we were graduated over 3000 specialists and they are working at the physical education and health sector and State Organizations. 

There is a cozy building, gym, modern sports cabinet, Olympic center, a library with 10000 books, about 50 kinds of newspaper and magazines in our school. As well, the NIPE became own magazine which is named “Theory and Methodology of Physical Education and Sport”. 

During the 20th Anniversary of the NIPE, we were held “International Scientific Conference” at our school and the famous scientists who came from Russia, Ukraine, China and Japan participated at this Conference. 

I am greeting to appeal cooperating with us by the faith, heart and effort, to be physical education teacher for developing well-known coaches and healthy Mongolian people, preparing famous athletes who will be hearing Mongolia in the world.

I wish the new students all the best and health. May book virtue flourish and May good deeds spread all over.

                                                                                                                                                             …… ……………………………

                                                                                                                                                             Lkhagvasuren.G, Founder, rector  

                                                                                                                                                             ScD, Academician, Prof, Master of Sport