The National Institute of Physical Education use 2 mb internet from MICOM company of Mongolian Telecom and all teachers and students are possible to use internet for 24 hours. All cabinets of school are connected internet cable and all students, teachers and workers may use WIFI by smart phone, tablet and laptop. 
Computer cabinet 
Computer cabinet № 505 has got 15 set computers and all computers are connected internet. The students are possible to do homework and self-independent works to get all kinds of information to use internet free from 14:00 – 17:00 P.M on Monday to Friday.
Rules in the computer cabinet 
Be quiet
Don’t enter if you disturb in teachers and student’s work
Don’t use a phone
Don’t eat something
Don’t throw away rubbish
Don’t play any games
Don’t use Facebook and You tube
Don’t change and delete other student’s homework and subject materials
May connect with Flash Disk by teacher’s approval
When you go out, please log off your computer and put mouse and chair in the suitable place.