The National Institute of the Physical Education was found by the decision of the commission of the Ministry of Public Education on the 1st of May, 1991. That time there were 3 teachers and 47 students. Now there are over 40 teachers, about 800 students and post-graduate students. It is the one of the first Mongolian Institutes. Our Institute is performing a training operation for 25 years. Our school was advanced accredited twice in 2012 from The Ministry of Science and Education, Culture and until 2016.

The trained staff and training materials of our school have been decided at the certain time and our school is preparing over 3200 specialists with bachelor degree and over 300 athletes with master degree from 1994 until 2015 according to training program to prepare professional physical education teacher-coaches since 1994.  

     Since our school enrolled by medical methodologist of physical education in 1994 to formulate the training plan to prepare high level specialists of bachelor “Medical Methodologist of Physical Education”   in order to use the fecundation properly of physical education and sport  in modern time to improving the health of people, about 400 medical methodologists are working at the hospital and nursing place. 

    Since 2002, we are performing an education master training operation by “Physical Education Teacher”, “Sports Coaching and Methodology”, “Physical Education, Health”.

The National Institute of Physical Education has been supplied with modern laboratory, equipment, fully-equipped gym for wrestling, aerobic, fitness and sport game, cabinets and school building. 

In academic year of 2016-2017, it has 3 departments, academic affairs, office of master program, office of finance, about 40 teachers. Hence, there are 5 ScD and professors, 6 associate doctor and associate professors. About 800 students are studying by the profession of medical physical education methodologist, winter sport coach, football, free-style wrestling, sambo wrestling, judo, boxing, sport game, gymnastics, athletics and physical education and sports coach in this academic year. 

Since founded the NIPE, 5 teachers defensed the academic degree and about 10 teachers has academic degree and title. The following many famous teachers were working in 25 times academic year. These are: 

Bayanmunkh.Kh /the best wrestler of century, Mongolian labor’s hero/

Davaakhuu.D /Mongolian honored farmer, Mongolian labor’s hero /

Baldandorj.D /ScD, the best archer of Mongolia/

Lkhagvasuren.G /ScD, Mongolian honored taecher /

Baldorj.L /ScD, prof, State nachin wrestlers (falcon)/

Batsukh.G / Mongolian honored athlete, State usuh ider nachin wrestler(2 times falcon)/

Buydaa.B / Mongolian honored athlete /

Erdenebat.G / State nachin wrestlers (falcon), Mongolian honored athlete /

Shiirev.Ts / State nachin wrestlers (falcon), Mongolian honored athlete /

Munkhtsetseg. Ch /Mongolian darhan mergen (great archer)/

Enkhtuya.G /master of athletics/

Rector of the NIPE, Altantsetseg.L /ScD, prof, International master of gymnastics/, Head of the Academic Affairs, Tsogoo.J /associate prof/ , Head of the Finance Office,  Gundegmaa.G /PhD, prof/ are working now. 

And a number of  teachers such as Bordukh.D /PhD, prof/, Ganbaatar.R /PhD/, Delgermaa.J /PhD/, Oyunbat.Ts /associate prof, PhD/, Dolgor.Sh /PhD, associate prof/, Solongo.Ts /PhD/, Kherlen.B /associate prof, International master of volleyball/, Ganbold.D /MA, master of sport/, Alimaa.L /associate prof/, Lkhamsuren.R /associate prof, sport master of gymnastics/, Bayanjargal.D /MA, sport master of basketball/, Ijilbold.Ch /MA/, Bayarmagnai.N / International master of Free-Style wrestling, aimgiin arslan wrestler (lion of province)/, Byambasuren.Sh / International master of archery/, Baljinnyam.Ts /aldart uyach (glorious horse trainer)/, Bayarsaikhan.Ts /Doctorate, sport master of free-style wrestling/, Gantugs.Ts /MA, sport master of free-style wrestling /, Shurentsetseg.D /MA, sport master of handball/, Munkh-Erdene.S /MA, sport master of athletics/, Boldbaatar.Ch /MA, sport master of athletics/, Munkh-Orgil.S / International master of aerobic/, Dorjdagva.D /MA, sport master of sambo wrestling/, Munguntuya.B /MA, International master of judo /, Sumiyadorj.B /MA, sport master of aerobic/, Bat-Erdene.Sh /Doctorate/ Head of the Treatment and Methodology Department, Baatar.T /associate prof, doctor/, Tuvshinjargal.R /Doctorate/, Ulziijargal.D /Doctorate/, Lkhagvasuren.R /MA/, English teacher and the teachers with “The certificate of honor” of Ministry of Education, Culture and Science,  “The certificate of honor” of Physical Education and “The certificate of honor” of the Public Health are working now. 

The students who are studying at the NIPE    have won 200 medals to achieve a success at the Olympic Game, World and Continent Championships and have won over 600 medals from Mongolia. So there is a tradition winning a prize according to success of sport. 

When we see 2016 statics, there is 1 Mongolian labor’s hero, 3 Olympic Medalists, 2 honored coaches and 15 honored athletes from the graduates.  

The students of the NIPE took place 3rd place by team at the 11th Spartikad of All Mongolian Peoples in 2004, were the best at the “Student`s Universidad” Festival which is organized among the State and Private Institutes and Universities in 2005, 2009 and 2013, and took the 1st place many times at the Student`s State Championships. Our students train the National sport and many kinds of sport categories 4-6 hours a week apart from lesson. It is specific for the students. 

Disabilities, deaf and dumb people study at the NIPE and three graduates participated successfully at Paralympic Game. The students participate at the Annual Scientific Conference.

There is a tradition that our school organizes the competition of “Who knows the best National Sport”, “English Olympiad” and “Argument of Theory and Methodology of Physical Training”. 

Our school was enrolled at the member of ICSSPE with code D-132 by International Olympic Committee, Sport Science of UNESCO and ICSSPE.