Physical Education and Treatment Department

The head of the Physical Education and Treatment Department: Bat-Erdene.Sh /Doctorate/ , medical doctor
Gundegmaa.L /PhD, prof/
Baatar.T /M.A/, medical doctor
Tuvshinjargal.R /Doctorate/
Batsukh.Sh. /M.A/

Outline of History
The National Institute of Physical Education opened officially Physical Education and Treatment class cooperating with Mongolian Ministry of Education and The Ministry of Health in 1997-1998 academic year. The Physical Education and Treatment Department was found in 1999 and first students graduated in 2001. Our graduate students are so proud their rarely profession working at the Fitness, Sports center and Medical Institutions. Here, a number of skillful medical doctors teach the lessons for the students and we are organizing many treating works, preventing any kind of illness, to become the habit in all fields to have sport done , to prevent the lack of the movement.

The heads of the Physical Education and Treatment Department

1997-2001 – Batchuluun.D /senior Prof, senior/
2001-2004 – Zorigt.N / senior Prof /
2004- 2011 – Erdenechimeg.Ch / senior Prof /
And teacher Bayarsaikhan.Sh/M.A/, Tsogtbaatar.L and Badamkhand.Sh used to work here. Teacher Erdenechimeg.Ch and Baatar.T were awarded “the certificate of the Ministry of the Health” and “Teacher`s glory medal” in 2005.