Procedures for the classroom

one. step
It is a collective and personal duty to create universal requirements for those who violate classroom rules. The following are prohibited in the classroom:
1. Do not go to a classroom or classroom wearing a hat or costume.
2. Students must attend classes 10 minutes before the start of the class.
3 Remotely replace classroom and classroom
4. Violation of advertising rules on behavior rules, social order, school rules, academic and scientific concepts
5. Listen, play, run, and play music that can affect the rest of the class
6. Do not sit in a designated area and do not throw away trash on the windowsill, and do not lay it on stairs, shelter walls, doors, desks, windows, fixtures, deceptive objects, equipment, textbooks and illustrations. Take your child away from the classroom and classroom without the permission of the school administrator and trustee.
7. Organize political demonstrations in school buildings without administrative permission.
8. Do not open windows, ventilators, or faucets.
9. Use alcoholic beverages. Do not smoke or drink in designated areas.
10. Trade or trade anywhere in the school is prohibited.
11. Attend a certificate and passport when entering a school building when a teacher, employee, or student is in school. Please enter the permission of the person who can meet foreigners.
12. Whenever there is no work or teaching, each teacher and staff member has a classroom, classroom, choreography, and laboratory.
Classroom skill and fire safety check / spindle / key
Will be handed over.
Anyone who knows the case at school has an obligation to notify everyone in the hospital.
14. It is forbidden to work at school after 22:00 hours without the permission of the managing director and you can not enter the accommodation.
15. Guard rooms shall be provided in accordance with the provisions of classrooms, classrooms, laboratories and cabinets. Some of the necessary rooms are blocked.
16. Changing, replacing or removing electrical and plumbing equipment in school buildings is prohibited.
17. Be aware of potential fire hazards, theft and water loss, and take immediate action if an accident or accident occurs.
18. This provision applies to all school staff and students.
19. You may take action based on Administrative Liability Act, offenses against alcohol and tobacco, pastor orders and orders.
second. Training Procedures
1. The National Physical Education Institute will take the curriculum according to the school schedule according to the educational schedule. Schedules are scheduled on a semiannual basis and are scheduled to take place seven days in advance.
2. The course duration is 90 minutes and the class interval is 10 minutes. The curriculum is conducted and the unit of education and the training office manager are in progress.
3. Appoint a ministerial order to the assistant to the class. The counselor is responsible for counseling and counseling the class.
4. Call teachers and students during the course and do not do anything else. Attendance is only allowed by the Deputy Director of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Education.
sit down.
5. Teaching assistants must be prepared before classes begin, and school supplies, presentations, materials and manuals must be provided.

6. Use school administration / business department / classroom, chairs, tables and boards. Instead, school administrators can create tools, tools, and equipment.