What’s the scientific report?

It is called the mother land from a stone that where the mother land begins? So the beginning of scientific works is the scientific report. It is possibility to develop themselves and to start the researching work for students studying at the institute and university.
Therefore, the scientific report of student is:
The scientific report of student depends on student’s potential and resources. If the student chooses hard and comprehensive theme, this work will become unsuccessfully. So the student should choose clear theme with ability to research.
Because of researching to start in the scientific works, there are many things which they can’t do and don’t know and right and wrong for the students. So teacher’s advice is so important.
The result of the scientific work of student isn’t used in the practice and limited this possibility.
There are a few students who research and are interested in the researching work for total Institutes and Universities. It is involved in the students’ professional features, their knowledge and experience, manner which found researching method and effort. All students aren’t necessary the researchers but they need to try out themselves in the researching work.
When the students do the researching, they basically use the derivation from other’s article.
The teachers and authorities of the institutes and universities organize the Scientific Conference in order to inspire them, to be competed them, to discuss and check the scientific conference. However, it is aroused interest to do researching work of the students, a few students participated in the scientific conference. So the students should participate in the scientific conference without apostatizing.

Significance Participated In Scientific Conference
It is possible that the students find many advantages by participating in the international and institutes and universities ‘scientific conferences constantly to write the report studying in the researching. That’s why, scientific report is distinctive to develop students and science.
The students will acquire methodology of researching
The students will acquire the ability to recognition the signification to discover many issues of the nature and social.
Composing ability of the students will improve.
Composing ability of the students improves by writing scientific report. Because composing ability improves to arise from the practice to theory knowledge.
Reporting ability of the students will increase.
If the researcher and students make a report constantly in the Scientific Conference, their reporting ability will increase. There are many ways to increase the reporting ability and the best way is a reporting possibility their researching on the stage before many scientists and teachers.
Students will have their goal.
What students have their goal is the most important mode for the student researchers and they are interested in researching work and have their wishes and dream.
Students will be hardworking, energetic and assiduous.
They will be hardworking, energetic and assiduous by participating in the scientific conference to write the scientific report.
Students will learn to teamwork.
Because of doing researching alone or with other students and by team, they understand each other to be friend. It is advantage to teamwork for them.
Students will be popular in the school.
Student will be honored to be with ability, knowledge to be popular among friends, teachers and students of the school by participating in the international and institutes and universities ‘scientific conferences constantly to write the report.
It will be preparation of course work and diploma work.
By doing researching work according to studying the profession, student is possibility to be ready diploma theme early.
The scientific report is one type of the scientific work with the fact, argument in sphere of the certain theme. In other words, you can understand it researcher student‘s reporting activity handily in the scientific conference and other competition to write the argument briefly and with the fact.
Requirement in the scientific report:
To choose certain theme
To be with official leader and teacher
To have researching and right method
To define main concept clearly
To correlate with certain knowledge framework
To be order of reason
To use scientific terminology correctly
To be symmetry of stylistics
To consider the fact of pre-survey
Not have ambiguous meaning
To use quotation and footnote
To use suffix and not repeat words
Not mistake of spelling
To choose the words correctly
To be brief
To be understandable and simple
To have summary etc..,
Technical requirements
An abstract of the article contacting up to 120 words is required;
The actual text of the article may contain up to 6-10 pages;
Formatting: Word 2000/2007 XP; A4 format; Times New Roman or Arial font (size 12 pt); single line spacing; paragraph offset – 1,5 cm;
Page setup: 1.5 cm right and 3.0 left, top and 2.0 bottom;
Not use B /Bold/ and Italic
To use header, footer and footnote
Text of the article should contain an introduction, research methods, results and discussion, conclusion and a list of references (if necessary);
Text may contain graphs and tables (3 maximum) which should be marked in the article by references e.g. Pic. 1, Pic. 2, Table 1. Graphs and tables should be enclosed to application form, preferred formats: .pdf, .bmp, .jpg, .phg, .tif.

Teachers and professors of the Institutes and universities put above requirements to reconcile to their school.
Written by U.Munkhdagva, G.Khulan /Mongolian National Institute of Physical Education/