The rule in the academic building

One. Rule

It is forbidden to following things in the academic building.
To wear a hat and a cap and a coat in the classroom
Students must be in the classroom before 10 minutes
To change the classroom themselves according to the timetable
To advertise the activity against the ideology of Science, Training to breach the internal rule of school activity, social regulation and law
To run in the hall, to be play music, to be noisy and to bustle and speak loudly during the lesson
To take away and carry the possessions from school and classroom without asking the teacher and school administration, to break the demonstration, equipment and possessions, to scratch books and handbooks, to write something on the desk, the door, the window and the wall, to gather on the stairs, to sit on the window and to throw any trash in the hall and the classroom
To organize political meeting in the school building without the permission of school administration.
To leave opening the window and the sink
To use alcohol, to smoke in the classroom and hall and to come using alcoholic drinks in school
To sell something in the school building. But it is possible to sell something in the permitted place.
When the students and teachers came to school, they will be checked their ID card by a watchman. If there is an outman, he or she can be meet with the one in accordance to permitting
If every teacher and employee doesn’t have any work in the school, they will check the technical and the fire safety state of the laboratory, the classroom and the school building and will give the keys to the watchman of the school building.
To stay for a night and to work since 10 PM without permitting school administration
The watchman will keep the keys of the classroom and the laboratory according to the rule. Some of necessary rooms will be put a seal.
To disconnect and change the electrical and plumbing equipment of the school building
To work caring about possible danger of fire, theft and leakage of water. If there is a danger, to inform quickly
All employees, teachers and students will follow above rules.
If someone violate the rule, the one will be punished based on the rector’s order and official assignment, the law against the smoking and the alcohol, the law about administrative obligation

Two. Studying rules

The lesson of the NIPE is in accordance with the training program and the lesson time table which made of the school administration. Lesson time table is made before a week at the beginning of the lesson every semester.
The lesson continues 90 minutes and the break will be 10 minutes. The lesson procedure is controlled by the academic affairs and the manager of the academic affairs.
The instructors are appointed by the rector. Instructors’ role is to give advice about studies and educating to the students.
It is forbidden to be worked by them during the lesson. If someone would like to sit in the lesson, he/she will get permission from the academic affairs and a deputy director.
Assistant must be ready the certain materials of the lesson, a handbook and visual materials before the lesson.
The school administration is responsible to be ready a whiteboard, a desk, a chair and a classroom of the lesson. And it is ready some tools, equipments and supplies.