Theory and Methodology Department

Our department was found in 1991. It is the one of two departments since the National Institute of the Physical Education was established.
The heads of the Theory and Methodology Department:
1991-1996 – Lkhagvasuren.G /Academician, Mongolian honored teacher/
1996-2003 – Bordukh.D /Ph.D, Prof/
2003- 2012 – Ganbaatar.R /Ph, senior Prof/
2012-2015 – Bordukh.D /Ph.D, Prof/
2016 – Present – Serjkhuu.I /Ph.D/
Theory and Methodology Department is the institute of the training and scientific unit and for last 25 years it has been working to fulfill successfully the National Institute of the Physical Education`s mission, to prepare high qualification specialists provided fully the necessity of the society, to decide successfully human resource issues of the physical education, education and health sector.
This department`s teachers have been working to improve the training-scientific works connecting with the production regularly from year to year to direct toward cooperation of profession to renew the our school`s mission, its strategy and the training plan, curriculum and standard.

introduction of the Theory and Methodology Department

The head of the Theory and Methodology Department: Serjkhuu.I /Ph.D/
Teachers of this department: Bordukh.D /Ph.D/, Sports Management teacher
Altantsetseg.L /ScD, prof, International master of Gymnastics /Theory and methodology of the Physical education training teacher/
Gundegmaa.L /PhD, prof, / Sports Biochemistry teacher
Baasankhuu.D /PhD/, Mongolian history and Politics teacher
Ulziijargal.D /doctorate/, Theory and Methodology of the Physical Education Training
Shurentsetseg.D/M.A/, Theory and methodology of training teacher
Lkhagvasuren.R. /M.A. / English teacher
Khulan.G. /M.A/, Mongolian teacher
Yandagkhuu.B. /M.A/ Computer Science teacher
Our department`s teachers carry responsibilities to prepare skillful specialists, improving effect and quality of the training, granting professional basic education and general education for the learners, doing project work and training-scientific works.